Who Are You Becoming?
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Who Are You Becoming?

12 Jul Who Are You Becoming?

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Sometimes we need to ask ourselves who are we becoming at various junctures in our lives. Yes we learn and grow by doing different tasks and get caught up in the productivity of life, but really, what kind of person are you becoming?[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Every relationship in my life serves as a mirror; sometimes the reflection is pleasing, sometimes it’s ugly.

I am becoming an authentic person living my truth, instead of hiding behind socially acceptable lies. I truly love and accept myself as I am now and will continue to do so as I evolve. I am comfortable standing in my truth even if no one else sees or gets it. I am learning to forgive and learning to feel contented. I am becoming someone who no longer plays victim but asks, “What is the Universe trying to teach me here?”

I am realising that if I really want to be the change agent I want to be – I must be free of judgment and learn to be more adaptable.


Have you given any thought to the person you are becoming? Are you becoming the person you always thought you could be?

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