What To Do When You Don't Know
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What To Do When You Don’t Know

01 Feb What To Do When You Don’t Know

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I’ve been there and everyone I know has been there.

You are sitting in a meeting with a client or with your boss and they ask a question and like deer with headlights you gasp on the inside, “I don’t know the first thing about this issue! AAAHHH!”

But you’re a professional and having seen the best of bullshit artists, you dismiss the question with an offhanded comment. Nobody flinched. Whew! You saved the day and your ego. But did you?

Don’t focus on that you may know less than other people in the room. Don’t focus that someone else sitting at the table who understands the topic better, may actually be seen as a better employee than you.

Admitting to yourself when you do not know anything, is a sign of strength. It’s actually more than alot of people are willing to admit to themselves.

You also know that if you don’t educate yourself, you need to tiptoe around this topic forever.


You know enough that you need to reach out for help.

Embrace the continuous cycle of being a beginner.   

So give yourself some credit and begin doing the work.  

Blessings & white light…


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