What Are You A Warrior For?
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What Are You A Warrior For?

18 Jun What Are You A Warrior For?

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I checked my phone, opened my Truthbomb email, and there it was.

Excellent question.

I sat staring at this question for at least 15 minutes with no obvious answer coming to mind. Years of volunteer work, having opinions on injustices, being a feminist, a proponent of radically shifting the education system, yet I didn’t have an answer. At least not one that felt true to my soul.

As I moved through the day, the question stuck with me. For weeks it haunted me. Why was it so hard for me to answer this question? Why wasn’t it simple for me to know what I am willing to fight for? To be a warrior in the face of adversity? What am I willing to stand for when all of the odds are stacked against me?

Introspection can be tiring especially when you are searching for an answer that you think should not require much thought.

I needed to choose a cause that I deeply cared about. Getting involved in a cause is fairly simple these days. I have been part of many, but was I part of a cause because there were many that needed to be fighting for or was it really my passion for a social good that can be part of my foundation? After much deliberation with the anxiety of an overthinker. The answer hit me.

I’ve learned that this search is really more of a journey and being able to adapt to the different phases of our lives. When I started out for some reason I felt like I needed to have this clear end goal that everything had to be really organized and make sense. But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Why did I have to choose? Why did the answer have to be inflexible? As I evolve and at different stages of my life, what I am a warrior for might change or it might remain the same enduring throughout the years driving my dharma, my mission.

So for now,

I am a warrior for compassionate listening.

I am a warrior for understanding over judgment.

I am a warrior for people being their true selves.

I am a warrior for soul-driven adventures.

I am a warrior for preserving diversity.

I am a warrior for unconditional love.

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