Things to let go of in 2017
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Things to let go of in 2017

06 Jan Things to let go of in 2017

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Happy New Year!

I hope that you are having a fabulous start to 2018.

2017 was a year of tremendous breakthroughs and healing. It was one of the most rewarding and gratifying years of my life. I didn’t get richer, didn’t find a life partner, didn’t earn a degree but the clarity, abundance, great relationships nurtured, love and personal growth I experienced were amazing!

At the end of every year I make a gratitude list of experiences, lessons and people because, well, gratitude builds faith and joy. However, since 2017 was my ‘Year of No to People and Yes to Me“, I learnt many behaviours and attitudes I needed to let go.

Here are a few of them:[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

  1. Live every day with intention. Every day matters. Everything I choose to do (or don’t do) in a day really matters and adds up.
  2. To engage in experiments, mental models and focus on how to increase capacity learning to learn to push through with my goals and decision making.
  3. Let go of friends who don’t put effort into our relationships. The energy I put into them never gets returned. I still love them but I am making room for people who meet me halfway.
  4. On that note…no longer having people around me whom I cannot actively learn from. This is really important to me and I’m no longer compromising.
  5. Trying to force flow with someone when it is obvious we don’t gel in a basic interaction. It doesn’t matter how great I hear the person is or who recommends them. I need to trust my intuition and honour my spirit.
  6. Over feeling sorry for myself because of my perception of circumstances. Watching as life passes me by instead of taking charge. I am not stuck.
  7. No longer playing victim: as a minority, as mixed race, as a woman, as an immigrant, as anything really.
  8. Letting go of the belief that it is too late to start the career or hobbies that I want.
  9. Letting go of shame and guilt from my past. Embracing, honouring my stories and understanding that they do not define me, but contribute to my overall growth.
  10. Letting go of the need of everything to be just right – perfectionism is stifling ya’ll!
  11. Letting go of negative self-talk and negative self-descriptions.
  12. Letting go of bitterness over the small things in everyday life. I’m looking at you inconsiderate drivers.
  13. Letting go of toxic thoughts, toxic things, toxic people, my own toxic behaviour. Focus on being kind and putting more goodness into the world; on loving myself and others with fierce compassion. Spreading love, blessings and white light is the name of the game. See the beauty in everything!!!
  14. Letting go of people who make me feel like I need to change in order to be loved.
  15. Never stopping my self-care and meditation practices no matter how busy life gets. My peace of mind is not worth the rat race.


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