The Blessings of Being Mixed-Race
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Being mixed-race is a blessing

08 Nov Being mixed-race is a blessing

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Being mixed-race is a blessing in disguise.

True it can be uncomfortable, annoying and hurtful but the lack of comfort that comes from being mixed-race can be a positive, transcendent life experience. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

A human who belongs to a specific ethnic group builds a sense of belonging inside of a culture or people from that culture. For mixed race persons like myself, we have no such belonging, no such home and so it is this feeling of not belonging that makes us feel like we are not worthy or lovable as a human being.

However, let’s turn that upside down.

It is in fact because we do not belong or feel as though we don’t belong, which forces us to seek out a fundamental spiritual truth which most humans do not learn in their lifetime. The truth is we belong to ourselves. We within ourselves determine our self-respect and self-worth. We can build a home, a place for us to belong to ourselves while welcoming guests from all walks of life, if we so choose.

“True success is achieved by stretching oneself, learning to feel comfortable being uncomfortable.”
― Ken Poirot

There is a euphoric feeling knowing you share DNA with so many different races which connect you to different cultures and different religions.

To be able to straddle various worlds and cultures, gaining insight into the many lives and feelings of others, helps us to gain a better understanding of the human experience.

Whether it is learning about Hindu traditions as diyas are lit for Diwali, stories about how differently our parents navigated the same society, preparing traditional Spanish cuisine or whatever unique ethnic traditions you are blessed to know.

Being mixed also aids us in our spiritual evolution during our time on Earth. Each day is discovering a new path that we are all connected – that all creeds and ethnicities are in our lives for a divine reason.  To see through the racial stereotypes; to see beyond someone’s ethnicity and to intertwine ourselves in the sorrows and joys of their souls are gifts bestowed upon us. We can easily look beyond the vise of long hair, kinky hair, blonde hair, brown eyes, skin, black skin, white skin and peer into someone’s soul.

As for me, I still get offended at times by comments or questions people many have about my mixed race heritage but I no longer see myself as a victim in the Caribbean, instead if I have tasked myself with using these negative experiences to educate, grow, connect or change the understanding of others.

The self imposed title of a diplomat I suppose. A diplomat who builds bridges and who understands that everyone still has to grow and learn from their experiences on Earth. Most people still have to catch up and have a lot of exploring left to do and in the process, it’s important to be resilient and value no opinion about myself, but my own.

Share with me in the comments below.

How do you see being mixed-race as a blessing? What challenges have you been able to overcome on your journey towards self-acceptance and self-love?

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