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Lessons learnt in 2018: Forgiveness and Kindness

13 Nov Lessons learnt in 2018: Forgiveness and Kindness

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To all of the persons who are kind and thoughtful; who enjoy bringing happiness to others.


Forgive yourself and then it would be easy to forgive the other person who did you wrong.

It took me years to understand what that means. Sometimes when I showed my compassion and love after making an error in judgment, I still did not feel as if the issue was resolved.

After going through a series of unfortunate events – this year, I have finally realized that I can truly forgive myself only when I understand the lesson I am supposed to learn from the interaction or the relationship or the situation.

The lessons.

What am I supposed to learn from pain, anger, frustration…..disappointment?

For me to be able to get to the lesson, it meant I had to move past the emotions. This could take days, weeks or months depending on how you process emotions and if there are triggers which allow the feelings to reemerge.

It is important to get past the emotions, to feel them whirlwind through you, storm through you, quake your reality. Feeling emotions, yet not allowing yourself to become attached to them is an important step in being able to move past the emotions which keep you stuck in the misery; which keeps you from reaching to the real destination.

Which I now have finally come to realize is the lesson – the lesson that will help you to evolve, to become better, wiser, freer – a most loving human being.


“Be kind even when people are mean to you.”

It is a hard pill to swallow.

I’m not sure I buy into this philosophy anymore.

But neither do I believe in holding grudges.

I do believe however that my kindness, thoughtfulness and love can be removed at any point in time should I choose. I think most kind people think we need to be loving in spite of how others treat us. We believe that if we love harder, then people can see that we are really good and somehow be kind themselves. We feel driven to erase the cynicism of the world through our kind actions.

Dear Kind People, (Repeat after me)

Some people are just vindictive.

Some people are just mean.

So no matter the amount of love that we show them. They will NEVER realise that they too can be loving and kind.

Kindness is a choice.

They choose to be unkind. On their terms. On their timing. You have no say in that.

So learn to protect yourself.

Interact with people who mean you well.

Remove yourself from people who are not enabling you to grow.

Remove all of the people from your life who are cluttering your space with ungratefulness, passive aggressiveness, underhanded behaviour, spitefulness or anything that doesn’t serve to make you feel joyous and light.

Resentment and hatred are not worth it – bitterness is not worth it. Those people are not worth your peace of mind.

It doesn’t matter.

Learn the lesson.

Let it go.

Maintain your dignity.


Grow into your greatness.

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