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Can you recognise when you disrespect yourself?

17 Oct Can you recognise when you disrespect yourself?

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Call yourself out where you are disrespecting yourself.

Call yourself out when you are swimming in your own cesspool of crap.

What do I mean by this?  

We are acutely aware when someone is disrespecting us. Somehow we miss the signs when we disrespect ourselves which in turn encourages people to continue to disrespect us, which in turn angers us. Can you see what I am saying? I have found that most times when my disrespect goes unchecked, i t allowed the people in my life to disrespect freely.

How do we disrespect ourselves?

  • Not clarifying when someone makes a snide comment towards you
  • Hanging out with people who don’t light you up. Yet you continue to hang with them out of obligation because ‘you go way back’
  • Always saying yes to things and people even when you are overloaded and underwhelmed
  • Hiding your feelings when someone upset you or spoke down to you
  • Telling yourself you are not good enough
  • Telling yourself you are fat, stupid, or any derogatory word
  • Always agreeing with people and not voicing a difference of opinion even when you ought to
  • Not taking care of your health
  • Ignoring your intuition

All of the above are ways we continually disrespect ourselves.



We wear down our souls for false expectations of what it means to be a good woman, a good man, a good employee, a good daughter, a good son….and all of the other ‘good’ categories we like to plug humans in.

It’s very easy to identify when someone else disrespects us. Even if we may not speak up about it, we know deep down inside we are being disrespected. You know the feeling. That feeling of being wrong that twinges at the depth of our being.

However, how many of us are honest about how we disrespect ourselves?

Not that many of us I am pretty sure. I remember when I first discovered the many ways I was disrespecting myself, it was quite a shock. I didn’t realise that by my thoughts and actions I was willingly allowing others to disrespect me. It took me quite a while to admit to this myself and to begin taking corrective action by talking and treating myself in loving and friendly ways.

Can you name ways how you disrespect yourself? How has this impacted the quality of your relationships?


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