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Elegant. Astute. Nimble

Hi I’m M. Analise Kandasammy! The ‘M’ is for Michelle however, I mostly go by the name Analise.

I believe that the path to a meaningful life first begins with accepting and loving your authentic self. A few years ago, I chose to live a meaningful life over an ambitious one. I was fumbling along this new path because I lacked the 2 most crucial parts of the formula: liking myself and being myself. I wanted to get the woman who was deep inside out for the world to see, but who had somehow gotten lost along the way during a busy life, mainly for economical reasons. Here is what I found out: The privilege of a lifetime is becoming who you are.

If Oprah, Skip Bayless and Richard Branson had a love child, it would be me! That’s because I’m part spiritual badass, part sports aficionado and part business strategist.

Professionally, I am an expert generalist in the field of business and have branded myself an ‘organisational architect’. I have gained a unique perspective acquiring a wealth of experience working in the corporate world, small/family businesses and as a multi-passionate entrepreneur.

As an organisational architect, I utilize business systems that help entrepreneurs and companies bring exponential increase to their profitability, productivity and organizational design. I have 10 years of extensive and cross-functional expertise in business analysis, performance management, business development strategy, entrepreneurship, finance, nonprofit management, social media and project management.

I have a deep passion for developing entrepreneurial visions that are community-based and creative. I am fascinated with how culture shapes societies and as a mixed woman, I am a diversity enthusiastic. Sports, yoga, books, theatre, art and film are therapy for me. I’d be physically and emotionally lost without them.

I hope you enjoy the journey with me as I embrace living an authentic life with the joys, potholes and crazy twists and turns which come with it.

“I want to define success on my own terms but most of all I want a meaningful life.”

- M. Analise Kandasammy