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About This Blog

Out of frustration, I quit my job as a Business Development Manager and instead of jumping back into the rigors of a 9 to 5 job, I decided to take some time out. What I discovered was that despite living a comfortable life, I was not living an authentic one. In fact, I was barely doing anything that I loved.

In retrospect, I answered as honestly as I could, “Am I living according to my dreams, convictions and the demands of my heart?”  (Here is the criteria that I used.)

A resounding NO was the answer.

I wanted to get the woman who was deep inside out for the world to see, but who had somehow gotten lost along the way during a busy life, mainly for economical reasons.

Here is what I found out:  The privilege of a lifetime is becoming who you are.

I discovered that the way to overcome fear and limitation involves:

  1. Liking yourself
  2. Being yourself

These are the 2 things that I have been avoiding for most of my life, and in this blog, I will share my stories, opinions and experiences. Do I think that it will be scary? You betcha!

I am hoping that by being uniquely me, I give others the permission to be their unique selves.

Being authentic in your life leads you to courageously overcome shame, break labels, love yourself and embrace the power of your story. It can also clear the way for you to discover your gifts and your purpose in life.

I will also explore the authenticity of culture, its effect on society and how we further use it to define ourselves.

I will cover authenticity in all things business: career, entrepreneurship and branding. Whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur, authenticity in your business helps you define your brand easier, manage your operations better, and set the leadership tone for yourself and your employees.

I hope you enjoy the journey with me as I embrace living an authentic life with the joys, potholes and crazy twists and turns which come with it.