6 Tips To Make Mixed Kids Feel Like They Belong
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6 Tips To Make Mixed Kids Feel Like They Belong

23 Aug 6 Tips To Make Mixed Kids Feel Like They Belong

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Being a parent is the toughest job in the world. In fact, it’s the toughest job in the world which doesn’t have a retirement age.

So I’m putting it out there. I am not a parent and it is not my intention to tell people how to be better parents. In fact, I dislike judging people’s parenting styles (although I have from time to time because I’m not perfect). But what I do know is what it is like to be a mixed race kid trying to figure out where to belong in this world and trying to figure it out with no guidance.

I know that you think that by ignoring ethnicity altogether it might be better for your kid. After all, you are teaching him/her to love and respect all people, but it also does a disservice not to educate them about society and how to navigate the judgemental comments and intrusive questions of others. When you teach them how to to do this, you are teaching them to not absorb what people think and to not focus on it. When you teach them how to do this, you are teaching them self love and how to be a leader and an educator of others.

Tip No. 1

Teach your kids that they don’t have to choose to identify with one race over another for the comfort of others.

Tip No. 2

Teach your kids that by choosing to identify as being mixed, it doesn’t mean that they are rejecting any of the races they are born with.

Tip No. 3

When you are out with your kids and people make comments such as “oh, that’s your kid?.” Don’t brush past it. Ask your kid how did they feel about the comment. Acknowledge their feelings and tell them that in spite of these comments, that they do belong.

Tip No. 4

It is important as a parent of a mixed kid, to start having conversations about what it means to belong to your family, to belong to a community but more importantly how do you belong to yourself first and over everything else.

Tip No. 5

Teach your kids that being part of two diverse heritages is a huge blessing. They are exposed to 2 different worlds.

Tip No. 6

Above all, with all of the wide-eyed stares, the looks of confusion and insensitive comments, it is most important to teach your children to have compassion for and to forgive persons who question their identity. This teaches them to tap into their humanity and that they belong to the human race. 


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